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"Emily Scott caught my eye, her infectious smile lighting up the stage- definitely one to watch"

- Tab Sky, tabstheatrethoughts

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"Working with Emily is a pleasure, she brings an enthusiasm and fun to the room which lifts the spirits on even the toughest of rehearsal days. She is clear on what's needed, articulate with instructions to the cast and brings a work ethic which gives the creatives confidence that their work will be maintained to a high standard. She's well respected by the cast and when working with children keeps their attention and brings out the best in them."

- Chris Wilkins-Nelson (Writer 'Eugenius' & Director)



Trained: Performers College.

Represented by: HOST Talent Group

(Formerly Northbridge Talent)

Performing credits include;

Michelle/ Sister Mary Celeste 'Sister Act' - English Theatre Frankfurt

Dance Captain 'Beauty & the Beast'- UK Productions, 

Lou-Ann / Dance Captain 'Hairspray'- The Gaiety, Portsmouth

Dancer 'Trolls Live'- Universal

Dancer 'One More Time' - Piccadilly Theatre

Mimi 'RENT'- Vivo D'arte


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For future productions or projects, please do get in touch.

Send over your ideas and I look forward to getting things on their feet.

"Nothing short of breathtaking.."

"Nothing short of breathtaking.."

"Fabulous choreography..."

"Emily's choreography is sharp, precise and she has a magical touch of weaving the personality of each character into her choreography. As an addition, Emily's teaching skills of her choreography is superb- patience, attention to detail and a perfectionist!"

- Lee Duffy (Theatre Manager, The Ambassadors)


scott's performing arts

Scott's Performing arts provide all singing, all dancing, musical theatre workshops, showcases & school days across the country.

Scott's Workshops and School Days provide both educational and vocational workshops, while creating enthusiastic and energetic working environments for all students.  

Scott's Showcases provide young performers the opportunity to perform in incredible theatres across the country. 

Head over to for more info.